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About us

The Ibex Group is an independent business and legal advisory firm specializing in the international technology and telecommunications sectors.

Our team consists of seasoned executives who are present globally and flexibly assembled to respond quickly and efficiently to specific client needs. For many years, we have successfully launched business units, engaged partners, executed expansion, and aligned commercial, legal, regulatory, and operational functions in complex markets worldwide.

Our clients are Boards, CEOs, and senior executive teams seeking to enter new markets, expand internationally, and rapidly grow revenue.

We focus on the design and execution of simple, practical go-to-market plans to accelerate sustained quantitative and qualitative results.

We have two key differentiators:

• Integrated business and legal skills
Real-world international experience

Integrated business and legal skills

We have an unusual combination of capabilities, which adds a unique versatility to our perspective and advice.

In addition to having executive experience in strategy, sales, and corporate development, we have rare and comprehensive international expertise in legal, regulatory, and governmental affairs.

We are experienced across a spectrum of corporate environments, including start-up ventures, high-growth enterprises, and large matrix-managed multinationals.

Our knowledge in these areas provides our clients with effective tools to develop and implement innovative business decisions, and to navigate complex and legally intensive operating environments.

Real-world international experience

Each member of our team has practical, real-world experience with business complexities across a great many jurisdictions worldwide.

We have honed our skills in some of the world’s most geographically and culturally diverse companies, with operations in as many as 220 countries and territories.

Our people have been involved in the management of business structures, operations, and transactions in more than 150 countries. And we have had direct, in-country experience negotiating deals with both private and governmental entities in more than 70 of those.

That global experience (coupled with a bit of common sense) gives our team an unusual and unique ability to add immediate value to your international activities.

We will guide your company through the challenges of complex operating environments, and help your executives make superior decisions in cases where subtle errors can create lasting and irreversible loss.

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