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About Us

We provide practical, actionable advice to help clients execute transactions, rapid scaling, capital investments, new market entry, partnering, and multinational expansion.


We have two key differentiators:

  • Integrated business & legal skills

  • Real-world international experience



Integrated business & legal skills

  • We have an unusual combination of capabilities, which adds a unique versatility to our perspective and advice.

  • In addition to having commercial experience, including sales, operations, and strategy, we have longstanding expertise in international legal, regulatory, and governmental affairs.


Real-world international experience

  • Each member of our team has practical, real-world experience, having worked in some of the world’s most geographically and culturally diverse companies.

  • Our team has led highly accretive transactions and projects in every region, covering virtually all politico-economic models and levels of development.

  • We have direct, in-country experience in structuring business models, launching operations, and negotiating deals with private and governmental entities in every region.


Our Focus

We focus on innovation, operational alignment, and practical plans to accelerate quantitative and qualitative results.

In our economic development work, we implement new technologies in "fourth-sector" projects at the base of the agricultural pyramid. We establish partnerships among technology providers, farmers, cooperatives, shipping operators, and crop-storage providers.


Our projects are designed to increase ROI, quality control, transparency, traceability, and trust across commodity supply chains for grains, coffee, cacao, and other crops.


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