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Our Services

We provide business advice to prepare our clients for rapid scaling, significant capital raises, partnering, and multinational expansion.


Our Approach


  • We simplify complex deals and contracts for products +  services, channel partners, agency, distribution, licensing, joint ventures, strategic partners, and all types of other commercial transactions.

  • We help our clients structure, draft, and negotiate contracts, project plans, and proposals of all types in all jurisdictions.


  • We help clients clarify their business models, objectives, strategy, business plans, go-to-market plans, project plans, executive summaries, and investor pitch documents.


  • We help clients open new markets, engage partners, and expand into new vertical sectors.

  • We identify and qualify local partners, establish local corporate entities, secure operating licenses, and manage the launch of local operations.


  • We identify, qualify, and engage local legal counsel and other professional advisors on behalf of clients, as well as manage their budgets, work product, and results.


Partnering + New Markets

Our team is expert in creating good deals. We model and streamline transactions in ways that make it easy to do business with your company.


We aim to:

  • Eliminate the bulk of unnecessary legal language and posturing;

  • Structure profitable and sustainable arrangements;

  • Achieve a common partnering foundation; and

  • Provide built-in incentives for each partner to collaborate for on-going success.

Our team will:

  • Identify, select, negotiate, and close partner deals;

  • Simplify complex transactions to achieve clear, manageable, and fair business arrangements;

  • Structure successful up- and downstream commercial arrangements, incentives, processes, and long-term relationships; and

  • Prepare well-crafted, airtight agreements.


Strategy + Business Models

We will assist your board and executive teams to clarify your company's business model and strategic priorities.

We will:

  • Simplify and streamline business models, strategy + tactics, and market positioning;

  • Balance inherent tensions between short-term imperatives (quantitative) and longer term objectives (qualitative);

  • Identify and resolve internal fragmentation and bridge functional and operational gaps;

  • Prepare your company structurally and commercially for significant partnering, capital investment, private placement, or initial public offering; and

  • Help your people communicate the value of your company with substance and clarity—both internally and externally.


Legal, Regulatory, and Government Affairs

We are expert in integrating business and legal teams to increase your ability to identify hurdles, reduce risks, and accelerate the closure of transactions.


We will:

  • Simplify and standardize contracts for customers, partners, and intra-corporate arrangements;

  • Create rational frameworks for consistent compliance with regulated operations worldwide;

  •  Negotiate with governmental entities regarding local operations, licensing, and partnering;

  • Design in-house legal departments, gauge skill sets and budgets, and prioritize the roles of inside lawyers and outside counsel;

  • Align and streamline internal policies and processes tailored to your company and industry; and

  • Select, manage, coordinate, and control the costs of legal and related business advisors.


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