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Case Study 1

New Market Expansion


Required rapid expansion of telecoms operations into “monopoly” markets to beat competition in race for global footprint.


  • Designed simple business model, established processes, managed complex and strategic plan.

  • Centralized disparate functions and activities into a new unified team of experts, previously fragmented across regions.

  • Expanded operations in highly restrictive countries through partnering.

  • Identified, structured, and negotiated partnering agreements in more than 50 countries.

Financial Impact

  • Immediately achieved the goals of securing revenue at risk, generating new revenue, reducing operating costs.

  • First year financial impact more than US$130 million.

  • Four-year financial impact more than US$500 million ($350 million new revenue, $50 million secured revenue, and more than $100 million operating cost reductions).

Strategic Impact

  • Expanded operating rights, presence, sales, and brand.

  • Galvanized core competitive advantages, and outdistanced competitors in every region worldwide.

  • Created de facto dominance, raising significant barriers to competitor entry in key strategic countries.

  • Filled a fundamental gap in company operations.

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Case Study 2

Partnering + Indirect Sales


Implement board decision to pursue a new indirect sales and partnering model to accelerate revenue growth and expand market penetration.


  • Designed indirect sales strategy, processes, and systems for “Channel Partner Program,” including standardized agreements, indirect sales pricing, partner qualification, bid management, channel conflicts, agents, affinity branding, network interconnection, partner “extranet” website, sales training, and related matters.

  • Rationalized and restructured non-performing partner arrangements.

  • Rolled out global model for recruiting, training, developing, and directing more than 80 quota-bearing indirect sales team globally.

  • In addition to quota-bearing sales team, conceived business development team to address major collaborative partnering opportunities in technology, equipment, communications, applications, and consultancy sectors.

Financial Impact

  • Created partner and channels model to accommodate annual revenue of more than US$360 million, with 23% annual growth rate.

  • Generated US$57 million in cost reductions over two years by leveraging bi-lateral distributor and vendor agreements.

Strategic Impact

  • Terminated more than 50 non-performing legacy partners, while executing a platform for increased productivity and revenue.

  • Executed simple go-to-market framework, which ultimately was adopted as one of three core strategic mandates.


Case Study 3

Regulation + Licensing


Global expansion requiring establishment of multiple subsidiaries around the world with proper local authorizations.


  • In-country analysis of legal and regulatory requirements matching company operations.

  • Established local subsidiaries; applied for and obtained all regulatory approvals.

  • Where regulatory solutions not available, modeled and negotiated local partnerships.

  • Developed and implemented compliance program involving local staff and regulatory bodies.

Strategic Impact

  • Wide recognition in local markets as trusted provider, superior alternative to traditional carriers.

  • Legitimized brand in key sub-regions and expanded status around the world.

  • Buttressed competitive differentiators and increased stakeholder value significantly.


Case Study 4

Post-M&A Integration


Rationalize a post-merger group of 55 executives, managers, and staff into new functional team budgeted for 21 members.


  • Designed and implemented plan to integrate several multi-functional teams into single group without interrupting business continuity and achieving 70 percent budget reduction.

  • Revised strategy to best integrate new company objectives, established new budget, restructured compensation and bonus plans, new global priorities, and respectful redeployment and redundancies of people within 60 days.

Financial Impact

  •  Rapid execution allowed new team to over-achieve annual objectives and secure annual revenue target of $360 million.

Strategic Impact

  • Designed and executed global plan to meld broad mix of cultural backgrounds, divergent corporate mind-sets, and differing skill sets from two companies into an effective team covering five continents.


Case Study 5

Brand + Trademarks


Urgent requirement to secure intellectual property rights for new corporate name and brand worldwide.


  • Designed and executed campaign to register intellectual property rights in 204 countries and territories.

  • Immediately prepared and launched program in all industrialized jurisdictions.

  • Secured registrations in more than 60 percent of the countries within several weeks.

  • Active phase of project fully completed globally in less than 12 months.

Financial Impact

  • Total project expenditure less than US$500K—one-third of the minimum budget estimated by law firms and similar service providers.

Strategic Impact

  • Solid intellectual property rights allowed the effective launch and expansion of one of the most powerful brands in its industry.

  • Because of trademark rights and brand strength worldwide, brand was later selected as post-merger brand, displacing a more ubiquitous competitor brand.

  • Trademark strength also withstood a number of intellectual property disputes at minimum cost.


Case Study 6

Worldwide Corporate Restructuring


Complex multi-layered corporate structure, with a mix of 175 subsidiaries, branches, representative offices in three operating divisions worldwide.


  • Developed “one-entity-per-country” model and assisted in implementation of a global corporate restructuring plan.

  • Developed guidelines and processes for subsidiary establishment, naming, board selection, officer appointments, delegations of authority, and intra-group agreements.

  • Built internal virtual team of finance, tax, HR, legal, regulatory, engineering, and operational experts to execute the plan.

Financial and Strategic Impact

  • Simplified a tax-efficient corporate structure, reduced intra-corporate transaction costs, and streamlined overall management of (including having an intelligent discussion about!) the group.


Case Study 7

Post-Merger Cost Reduction


Realize post-merger cost synergies.


  • Identified obscure category of unnecessary costs of duplicative operations.

  • Within 30 days, developed small cross-functional team and processes to review payments to more than 140 inherited partners worldwide.

  • Prepared model approach, renegotiated agreements, payments, and terminated overlapping facilities.

  • Eliminated compounding drag on company resources.

Financial Impact

  • Generated more than $40 million in cost reductions in less than 24 months.

Strategic Impact

  • Exposed and re-aligned post-merger waste that escaped pre-merger due diligence.


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