The Ibex Group  is a business advisory firm specializing in international transactions and the technology sector.

We help clients prepare for rapid scaling, new market entry, partnering, and multinational expansion.

Our team is present globally and flexibly assembled to handle specific client needs. We've led complex projects, integrated acquisitions, and launched new business units in more than 100 countries.

Our clients are large matrix-managed MNCs, high-growth ventures, and startups seeking to enter new markets, engage with local partners, and secure operating licenses.

We help clients think clearly as they navigate commercial, and legal challenges in complex environments across regions, cultures, and politico-economic models—where subtle errors can create lasting or irreversible loss.



About Us

Our work is primarily in the technology sector—including software, IoT platforms, satellite antennas, e-commerce, telecoms, wireless systems, mobile apps, digital media, equipment manufacturing, and patent monetization.

Our projects often involve economic development, sustainability projects, and impact investments.



Our Services

We provide business advice to prepare our clients for rapid scaling, new market entry, partnering, and multinational expansion.

We Simplify

  • Complex contracts, transactions, and projects

  • Joint venture, agency, distribution, licensing, and development deals

We Open

  • New markets (commercial and geographic)

  • Qualify local partners, setup entities, secure licenses, and launch operations

​We Clarify

  • Business models

  • Strategy & tactics

  • Business plans

  • Go-to-market plans

  • Investor pitches

​We Lead

  • Legal counsel

  • Professional advisors

  • Work product, budgets




Our Team

The Ibex Group consists of independent professionals based in strategic locations, who are flexibly assembled to address the specific requirements of each project or transaction.

Jody Daniel Newman

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Newman has served more than 25 years as a business advisor, P&L executive, in-house general counsel, and outside legal counsel, working with some of the world’s most globally oriented companies.


Garold (Gerry) LaRue II

Senior Advisor, Coffee, Cacao, and Tropical Agriculture

Mr. LaRue has more than 30 years of experience in food product design, processing, and quality control in developed and emerging markets.

Jim Forbes

Senior Advisor, Technology, Media, and Telecom

Mr. Forbes is a telecommunications executive focused on creating and implementing corporate strategy for highly competitive global technology and telecommunications companies.

Shawna Butler

Associate, Medical & Health Innovation

Ms. Butler is expert in leading collaborative ventures, community engagement, and the collective impact strategies. She is focused on healthcare, technology, and economic development.

Shy Blick

Associate, Software Development, AI, Machine Learning

Mr. Blick is an accomplished technology pioneer and entrepreneur. He has led and managed technology research, design, and development teams on- and off-shore for more than 25 years.


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